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Instinctive Beats

Multimedia Installation (Blender, Touch Designer)

Interactive 3D model and sound immersive space

corresponding to audiences' movement

Passing through the cavernous hallway, a heavy, deep bass beat echoes through my body. But still, I cannot feel its atmosphere yet — that air, filled with enthusiasm induced by music. So I dance, being more and more instinctive, to immerse myself in my own umwelt*.


In this installation, the camera detects your movements.

As it detects more movements, the music gets louder and clearer, and your heart grows with your excitement. However, if you stop, the music will soon fade out,

and so will your heart...


*Self-Centered World. Uexküll theorised that organisms can have different umwelten, even though they share the same environment.

Burning Away the Past

Interactive Media (Blender, TouchDesigner, Arduino)

Immersive experience through touch, visual, sound, heat, and taste, activation by Arduino Joystick.

In Western education, not much is taught on the past history of East Asia. Moreover, modern East Asian educational systems censor and alter their past dramatically, with varying perspectives based on the country. The struggles that our ancestors have felt become further removed with each passing generation. 


It is burned away to ash, as if it had never existed. The tears evaporated into steam.


From this ash, a new world arises. 

It does not remember the events of the past, 

but the pain still echoes through in fragments…

antech (intro)

Interactive Media (Blender, TouchDesigner, Arduino)

Coming soon

cyber bunny

Interactive Media (Blender, TouchDesigner)

Coming soon

Instinctive Beats vol.2

Interactive Media (Blender)

Coming soon


Have been drawing artworks using the motif of the eyes.
The surrounding eyes, my own eyes, and the self-portraits

they reflect, as well as the surrounding environment.

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